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About Us
Robinson Redesigns is a home staging and interior design company.  For sellers, keeping in mind that the investment to stage is always less than a price reduction, we specialize in creating environments that are customer focused and family friendly so that potential buyers will want to make the space their home.  For owners, we concentrate our efforts on assisting you create a comfortable and welcoming “new” environment that you’ll be proud and excited to share with your friends and family.
Because first impressions make lasting impressions, we work to create spaces that are timeless, clutter free, and will emphasize the positives while downplaying the negatives. We focus on lighting, color, and functionality.
Josephine M. Robinson is an Accredited Staging Professional® and the company’s owner and lead designer.  She began her company in 2003 while a Realtor® with a national industry leader in residential real estate sales.  She first started in the field to assist her clients with preparing their homes for sale.  Before long, other Realtors® recognized her creative eye and were requesting her assistance in preparing their clients’ properties for sale.  With this initial boost of confidence, a passion for design, and the keen ability to create concepts for any given space, a dream was fulfilled.  We offer a wide variety or services. Please call us today and let us know how we can help your design dreams become your reality!
Services we offer:
Full Service Staging
DIY Staging/Consultations
Relocation/homeowner move-in
Staging to sell
Staging for living (Residential)
Staging to work (Commercial)
Event/Special Occasion Staging
Personal Shopping Service
Holiday Staging
De-cluttering and Organizing
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Your focus determines what you feel.
When you change your focus you change your feelings!